Cocktails and Flair Bartending Competition Presents: Alan Mays

Even before flair was coined the term flair bartending, and before the movie Cocktail, Alan Mays has been an entertainment flair bartender for the last 30 years. “I started as an entertainment bartender at a very popular tourist bar (popular at the time) in downtown Orlando,” said Mays, “I was fortunate to become friends with one of the managers that worked there and he gave me my first big break.”

The craze for flair bartending began to spread across the country and eventually landed in Las Vegas when the Rio Hotel and Casino opened the VooDoo Lounge in 1997. “The Rio recruited 3 other bartenders along with myself,” said Mays, “We were the original flair bartenders in Las Vegas to work at this style of bar.  I also helped open, and worked at the second flair bar to open in Las Vegas which was Carnaval Court at Harrah's.”

Throughout his career, Mays has become well-known in the flair bartending community through his copious first place winnings at competitions. Along the way, Mays befriended Danilo Oribe, a fellow competitive flair bartender, and they are working together in making the upcoming Cocktails and Flair Competition a success. “Things go through cycles, and I have a feeling flair has an up-cycle coming,” said Mays, “It would be great to see this contest of Danilo's continue to grow in the following years, and provide traction for this potential bull market for flair.”

The competition will be held on January 29 and 30 at GameWorks, located in Town Square, at 8 p.m. Everyone 21+ is welcome to come and be a part of history in the making. This competition will be “the first Cocktail and Flair contest here in Las Vegas,” said Mays, “That's one thing that makes it unique, especially with the name of Danilo Oribe.”

“Another thing, it has the potential to be a benchmark in representing the past, present, and future for the flair world,” said Mays. Ultimately, this event is unlike any other and GameWorks will be offering killer deals like $5 for Unlimited Bowling (shoe rental included) and a 2 hour game card, along with $2 Drinks and Drafts, $5 Shots, and $6 Appetizers. Come join in on all the fun and excitement this weekend. We will see you there.